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Tir na n-Og awards 2024

Rhestr Fer Iaith Saesneg / English Language Short List

Where the River Takes Us

Dylan was six when The End came, back in 2018; when the electricity went off for good, and the 'normal' 21st century world he knew disappeared. Now he's 14 and he and his mam have survived in their isolated hilltop house above the village of Nebo in north-west Wales, learning new skills, and returning to old ways of living.


Vivi Conway

A riotous blend of Welsh mythology and breezy adventure, the first instalment of Huxley-Jones' fantasy series finds the eponymous twelve-year-old befriending a magical group of children who share the souls of legendary witches.


The Ghosts of Craig Glas

It's flattering when ghosts trust you with their stories - if only they'd stop talking occasionally! So, when Flora and Archie are offered a trip to Craig Glas Castle in Wales, and take a break from talking to ghosts, they can't wait to go. But not everything at the castle is what is seems and soon the best friends embark on another ghostly detective adventure.


Rhestr Fer Oedran Cynradd / Welsh Language Primary Shortlist

Jac a'r Angel

A humorous, charming and sensitive novel. Jac a'r Angel is a lively Christmas story. Children and adults alike can enjoy the 'coming of age' story of an innocent boy who uses his imagination to overcome grief and the dark forces of life.


Wyneb yn Wyneb

Twm is a thief, a cheat and a bully. But something is missing in his life and he doesn't know why. One dark night, when Twm is out thieving, he comes face to face with his fate … and discovers a shocking truth that changes his life for ever.


Dwi Eisiau bod yn Ddeinosor
Luned a Huw Aaron

On Christmas Eve, Mari takes mince pies to Mrs Cloch - a lonely old lady who has no visitors. Mari helps her to decorate the Christmas tree with unusual decorations from all over the world, and a very unexpected visitor arrives…


Y Gragen

A charming rhyming story about a city child visiting the beach in a seaside village for the first time. The child returns home with a sea shell as a souvenir of the place where children laugh while eating ice cream, seaweed squeals and nature sings.


Rhestr Fer Oedran Uwchradd /
Secondary Welsh language Shortlist

Ser y Nos yn Gwenu

This is Casia Wiliam's first novel for Young Adults 16+. It is the raw love story of Leia and Sam, which is also a story about community, learning, venturing and forgiveness. The story begins at the community centre, where Leia and Sam meet again after being kept apart for some time.


Fi Ydy FI

A factual book for girls aged 8+ relating to issues about growing up. Each chapter deals with a specific growing up issue such as: Why does my body mature?, hormones, breasts, hair, sweating, skin, periods, understanding my emotions, my body, friends.


Astronot yn yr Atig

Rosie is mad about the tv series 'Yr Estronos' and about astronauts, and when a spaceship lands in her back garden, she cannot believe her luck. This is a novel about friendship, about time-travelling, about growing up in a complex and difficult world, and about pushing the boundaries of the imagination to the extreme.