Awdur Teitl+ Pris Prynu
Ruth Ozeki The Book of Form and Emptiness The Book of Form and Emptiness £9.99 Prynu
Adrian McKinty The Island The Island £12.99 Prynu
Ailsa McFarlane Highway Blue Highway Blue £8.99 Prynu
Philippa Holloway The Half-Life of Snails The Half-Life of Snails £15.00 Prynu
Joanna Cannon A Tidy Ending A Tidy Ending £16.99 Prynu
Candice Carty-Williams People Person People Person £12.99 Prynu
Carre, John Le Silverview Silverview £8.99 Prynu
Meg Mason Sorrow and Bliss Sorrow and Bliss £8.99 Prynu
Lola Jaye The Attic Child The Attic Child £14.99 Prynu
Tom Anderson Return to the Sun Return to the Sun £1.00 Prynu
Fflur Dafydd The Replacement Centre The Replacement Centre £1.00 Prynu
Jonathan Page Blue Woman Blue Woman £11.99 Prynu
Fred Fordham Brave New World Brave New World £20.00 Prynu
Caryl Lewis Drift Drift £14.99 Prynu
George Saunders A Swim in a Pond in the Rain A Swim in a Pond in the Rain £10.99 Prynu
Emer McLysaght Aisling and the City Aisling and the City £8.99 Prynu
Katie Munnik The Aerialists The Aerialists £14.99 Prynu
Santa Montefiore The Distant Shores The Distant Shores £8.99 Prynu
Elly Griffiths The Midnight Hour The Midnight Hour £8.99 Prynu
Louise Kennedy Trespasses Trespasses £14.99 Prynu

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