Katrina Naomi Battery Rocks Battery Rocks £10.99 Buy
Castle, C. A. He, she, they, us He, she, they, us £18.99 Buy
Potter, Clare E. Healing the pack Healing the pack £10.99 Buy
Willie Hershaw Orgreave Stations, The Orgreave Stations, The £10.00 Buy
Davies, W. H. Saints and lodgers Saints and lodgers £10.00 Buy
Jackie Kay May day May day £10.99 Buy
Grahame Davies A darker way A darker way £10.99 Buy
Tony Curtis Leaving the Hills Leaving the Hills £10.99 Buy
Carrie Etter Grief's alphabet Grief's alphabet £10.99 Buy
Dermot Foster Turning Points Turning Points £12.00 Buy
Gillian Clarke The silence The silence £12.99 Buy
Simon Armitage Blossomise Blossomise £10.00 Buy
Cherry Potts Byways Byways £9.99 Buy
Hollie McNish Lobster Lobster £18.99 Buy
Alan Morrison Out of Gaza Out of Gaza £9.99 Buy
Thomas, M. Wynn Poems from the soul Poems from the soul £12.99 Buy
Tuama, Padraig Ó Poetry unbound Poetry unbound £12.99 Buy
Elizabeth Parker Cormorant Cormorant £9.99 Buy
Taz Rahman East of the Sun, West of the Moon East of the Sun, West of the Moon £9.99 Buy
Christopher Norris Convulsions Convulsions £12.00 Buy

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