Labour Country

Labour Country
Since the end of WWI, one party has held the momentum of political

and social change in south Wales: the Labour Party. Its triumph was

never fully guaranteed. It came quickly amidst a torrent of ideas,

actions, and war. But the result was a vibrant, effective and long-

lasting democracy. The result was Labour Country.

In this bold, controversial book, Daryl Leeworthy takes a fresh and

provocative look at the struggle through radical political action for

social democracy in Wales. The reasons for Labour's triumph, he

argues, lay in radical pragmatism and an ability to harness lofty

ideals with meaningful practicality. This was a place of dreamers

as well as doers. The world of Arthur Horner and Aneurin Bevan.

And yet, as the author shows, this history is now over. Although

a trajectory leads from the end of the Miners' Strike both to

the advent of devolution and the circumstances that led to the

Brexit vote in 2016, these are exits from Labour Country, not a

continuation. Sustained by a powerful synthesis of scholarship and

original research, passionate and committed, this book brings the

cubist epic of south Wales and its politics to life.