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Charles Foster Being a Human Being a Human £10.99 Prynu
Tom Chivers How to Read Numbers How to Read Numbers £9.99 Prynu
Caroline Williams Move! Move! £9.99 Prynu
Simon Baron-Cohen The Pattern Seekers The Pattern Seekers £9.99 Prynu
Matthew Williams The Science of Hate The Science of Hate £9.99 Prynu
John Gribbin Eight Improbable Possibilities Eight Improbable Possibilities £10.99 Prynu
Steven Pinker Rationality Rationality £25.00 Prynu
Heather E. Heying A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21St Century A Hunter-Gatherer's Guide to the 21St Century £20.00 Prynu
Yanis Varoufakis Another Now Another Now £9.99 Prynu
Brian Hare Survival of the Friendliest Survival of the Friendliest £10.99 Prynu
James Cheshire Atlas of the Invisible Atlas of the Invisible £25.00 Prynu
Elaine Morgan The Descent of Woman The Descent of Woman £9.99 Prynu
David Eagleman Livewired Livewired £9.99 Prynu
Richard Holloway Stories We Tell Ourselves Stories We Tell Ourselves £9.99 Prynu
Katie Mack The End of Everything The End of Everything £9.99 Prynu
Jackie Higgins Sentient Sentient £20.00 Prynu
Lucy Jane Santos Half Lives Half Lives £9.99 Prynu
James Davies Sedated Sedated £18.99 Prynu
Jonathan D. Quick The End of Epidemics The End of Epidemics £10.99 Prynu
Harford (author Tim How to Make the World Add Up How to Make the World Add Up £9.99 Prynu

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