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New Plant a phobl ifanc Diwrnod Rhyngwladol Menywod Llyfrau Adar Herio Hiliaeth Diwrnod Miwsig Cymru


Gwynt y Dwyrain
Alun Ffred

Eisteddfod Daniel Owen Prize winning novel Gwynt y Dwyrain by Alun Ffred is available in the shop in Caernarfon now!… "It's a detective novel, and it's a clincher" said Dewi Prysor, one of the judges in awarding the novel. Get a copy!


Meleri Wyn James

Winner of the Literary Medal Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 2023


So Late in the Day
Claire Keegan

An exquisite new short story from the Sunday Times bestselling author of Small Things Like These and Foster. 'A genuine once-in-a-generation writer.' The TimesAfter an uneventful Friday at the Dublin office, Cathal faces into the long weekend and takes the bus home. There, his mind agitates over a woman named Sabine with whom he could have spent his life, had he acted differently.

All evening, with only the television and a bottle of champagne for company, thoughts of this woman and others intrude - and the true significance of this particular date is revealed. From one of the finest writers working today, Keegan's new story asks if a lack of generosity might ruin what could be between men and women. 'Every word is the right word in the right place, and the effect is resonant and deeply moving.' Hilary Mantel'Claire Keegan makes her moments real - and then she makes them matter.' Colm Toibin


Open Up
Thomas Morris

Philosophically acute and strikingly original, this outstanding suite of stories is bursting with a bracing emotional depth. Open Up cracks the heart as it expands the short story form.


Megan Barker

'In both its open-throated exclamations and its concentrated meditations on myriad forms of pain and joy […] Kit reaches places other books don't.' - Max Porter'An extraordinary experience … It is work and voices like Megan's we have to fight for.' - Maxine PeakeMegan and Kit met in their early twenties. Their friendship was intense, wild and true.

Years later, when Kit becomes desperately unwell, Megan tries to pull her old friend back from the precipice, navigating the difficulties of revisiting a relationship conceived in the great freedom of youth, whilst attempting to remain fully present in the messy beauty of her family life. Kit is a story of the sumptuous complication - and precariousness - of life and relationships. It describes a call to intimacy in a state of emergency.


Mochyn Tynged
Glenda Carr

A witty, satirical and imaginative novel for adults based on some of Wales' most famous legends. A toy pig bought at a Marks and Spencer shop in Cardiff is not what he seems. He's had an exciting life in the company of legendary wizard Myrddin (Merlin), We catch up on his adventures in King Arthur's court. Has he a message for today's Wales?


The Black Eden
Richard T. Kelly

'Action packed and panoramic.' Guardian 1956, the Scottish Highlands: Aaron and Robbie, a schoolmaster's son and a farmer's boy, are fast friends with a shared passion for diving, but very divergent ideas of what they will do with their lives. Meanwhile, Mark and Ally, bright pupils at Edinburgh's grandest private school, are aspiring to make change in the world - one through high finance, the other on the political stage. And Joseph, heir to an Aberdeen trawler-fishing dynasty, is brooding over whether his true ambitions are set higher than his father's succession plan.



Cyfrol yn cynnwys beirniadaethau a chyfansoddiadau llenyddol buddugol Eisteddfod Genedlaethol 2023, ynghyd â beirniadaethau'r cystadlaethau cartref eraill.


The First Shadowdragon
Lee Newberry

All legends start somewhere . . . After defeating the evil Grendilock and saving Cadno, the last firefox, Charlie Challinor is looking forward to a well-earned rest. But when a familiar face appears from the realm of Fargone, Charlie's family is once again swept up into adventure. Along with Lippy, Roo and new magical friend Blodyn, Charlie must travel to Fargone to face the dreaded Draig, the shadowy monster that is slowly draining the life from the land - and uncover the lost secret that links Draig's history to Charlie's own .


Pajtim Statovci

'Devastating in the most beautiful ways.' Torrey Peters'Superb . . . Statovci is a major talent.' New York Times Book ReviewIt is April 1995. Kosovo is a country on the cusp of a dreadful war. Arsim in twenty-two, newly married, cautious - an Albanian trying to keep his head down and finish his studies in an atmosphere of creeping threat. Until he encounters Milos, a Serb, and begins a life in secret. 'A pitch perfect excavation of the vandalism of war, the wounds of love and the limits of the human soul.' Eimear McBride


Young Mungo
Douglas Stuart

They are caught between two of Glasgow's housing estates, where young working-class men divide themselves along sectarian lines, and fight territorial battles for the sake of reputation. They should be sworn enemies if they're to be seen as men at all, and yet they become best friends as they find a sanctuary in the doocot that James has built for his prize racing pigeons. As they begin to fall in love, they dream of escaping the grey city, and Mungo must work hard to hide his true self from all those around him, especially from his elder brother Hamish, a local gang leader with a brutal reputation to uphold.


Jasmine Donahaye

In pursuit of moments of feeling 'sharply alive', confronting fear of the body's betrayals, and roaming across Wales, Scotland, California and the Middle East, Birdsplaining is focused unapologetically on the uniqueness of women's experience of nature and constraints placed upon it. Sometimes bristling, always ethical, it upends familiar ways of seeing the natural world.


All the Wide Border
Mike Parker

Myfyrdod cynnes, amserol a doniol am hunaniaeth a pherthyn, gan ddilyn llwybr llawn golygfeydd hardd ar hyd ffin Lloegr a Chymru: llinell ffawt ddyfnaf Prydain. Mae'r llinell ar y map yn dynodi: ar un ochr - Cymru - bychan, garw ac ystyfnig; ar yr ochr arall - Lloegr - crochan y diwylliant ehangaf a welodd y byd erioed.


Charles and the Welsh Revolt
Arwe Vittle

A brief popular history of the Welsh protest against the Investiture of Prince Charles as Prince of Wales in Caernarfon in 1969. Placards, sit-ins, paramilitary-style parades and even a bombing campaign across the country showed that many in Wales were not happy to accept an English Prince of Wales.


Brittle with Relics
Richard King

Cyfrol flaengar sy'n adrodd hanes pobl Cymru mewn cyfnod o newid mawr yw Brittle with Relics. Cofnodir digwyddiadau trawsnewidiol megis trychinebau Aberfan a Thryweryn; twf mudiad yr iaith Gymraeg; Streic y Glöwyr a'r cyfnod a'i dilynodd; a'r bleidlais agos dros ddatganoli rhannol.


Ser y Nos yn Gwenu
Casia Wiliam

This is Casia Wiliam's first novel for Young Adults 16+. It is the raw love story of Leia and Sam, which is also a story about community, learning, venturing and forgiveness. The story begins at the community centre, where Leia and Sam meet again after being kept apart for some time.


Janina Ramirez

THE INSTANT SUNDAY TIMES BESTSELLER'Revelatory' GUARDIAN'A firecracker somehow captured between two covers' LUCY WORSLEY An instant bestseller and one of the most celebrated history books of the year, Femina reveals the power and influence of medieval women who have been written out of our history. From royalty and religion to fame and fury, see the medieval world - and the women erased from it - with fresh eyes. 'Absolutely brilliant and highly recommended' CAITLIN MORAN'Femina is a ground-breaking history of the Middle Ages' SIMON SEBAG MONTEFIORE


Haf Llewelyn

A novel that moves from 1908 and 2018. The shadow of Vosper's famous painting is woven through the story, and the belief that the devil's face lies in the shawl. Neta has to face her ghosts, and through her actions, the lives of Ceri, Beca and Olwen Agnes are all affected, and prejudice and negative attitudes towards gender and convention are challenged.n yn cael eu herio.