Awdur Teitl+ Pris Prynu
Caryl Lewis Drift Drift £14.99 Prynu
Susan Stokes-Chapman Pandora Pandora £14.99 Prynu
Isabel Allende Violeta Violeta £16.99 Prynu
Jo Browning-Wroe A Terrible Kindness A Terrible Kindness £14.99 Prynu
Freya North Little Wing Little Wing £12.99 Prynu
Salena Saliva Godden Mrs Death Misses Death Mrs Death Misses Death £8.99 Prynu
Kate Mosse The City of Tears The City of Tears £8.99 Prynu
Billy O'Callaghan Life Sentences Life Sentences £8.99 Prynu
Willa C. Richards The Comfort of Monsters The Comfort of Monsters £8.99 Prynu
Richard Flanagan The Living Sea of Waking Dreams The Living Sea of Waking Dreams £8.99 Prynu
Philip Gray Two Storm Wood Two Storm Wood £14.99 Prynu
Hanya Yanagihara To Paradise To Paradise £20.00 Prynu
Ros, Manon Steffan The Blue Book of Nebo The Blue Book of Nebo £7.99 Prynu
Trevor Wood One Way Street One Way Street £8.99 Prynu
John Banville Snow Snow £8.99 Prynu
A. K. Blakemore The Manningtree Witches The Manningtree Witches £8.99 Prynu
Lee Child Better Off Dead Better Off Dead £20.00 Prynu
Michel Faber D D £8.99 Prynu
Elizabeth Strout Oh William! Oh William! £14.99 Prynu
Claire Keegan Small Things Like These Small Things Like These £10.00 Prynu

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