Living in London, Lydia is struggling through her twenties, regretting drunken nights, reflecting on texts and trying her best nor to be late for work. She has a complicated relationship with Wales. Far from home, she questions her identity and her vision of herself as a Welsh woman in the world.


The final title in the trilogy of raw detective novels by Jon Gower (following Y Düwch and Y Dial). Tom Tom and Freeman's relationship is flowering and they begin to plan their future. However, when Tom Tom's nephew goes missing, he travels to Scotland to look for the student and is drawn into a very dark and violent world.

Atgofion Drwy Ganuon Gweld Ser

Siân James has been plucking harp strings since childhood. In this volume we gain an honest and clear self-analysis as she traces her world-wide connections whilst co-operating with stars of the folk scene. Through songs and their significance we learn about the girl from Maldwyn - sometimes humorous, sometimes agonising, and with honesty throughout.

Sgen I'm Syniad

This is a book about friends, family, growing up in north Wales, feeling you're being left behind, snogging, sex, lessons learned along the way and the people who carried you when you didn't even know you needed to be carried. A book about making sense of things when you have no idea how to do so.


A powerful novel for adults - Ffion Dafis's first novel, following the success of her first autobiographical book. She is already a well-known actress.


Her first collection of poetry by Marged Tudur.


A volume of articles by one of the most subtle authors writing in the Welsh language today, encompassing such diverse topics as phonetics, cakes, cleaning and Karl Marx, as we are taken on a speedy trip around Wales and beyond.

Cymru Fydd

Wales 2090. An independent, thriving, powerful country that has claimed its place in world affairs since 2049. But who really governs in paradise? For Koi and his friends, living here is a nightmare, and from a young age he learns that apathy is a dishonour.


A stunning novella which presents a vivid and yet subtle portrait of an unique character and of change in rural Llŷn. A masterpiece.



The prizewinnning volume of the 2022 Daniel Owen Memorial Prize.

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