Cadi A'r Môr Ladron

Another colourful story about Cadi, and her little brother, Mabon. This time the two are snatched on a boat on the Pembrokeshire coast and learn a very important lesson: people should not be judged on their appearance. But how will they manage to escape from the enormous octopus? An entrancing, hard cover book.

Hwyl Smot Yn Yr Eira

Smot plays in the snow - use the finger puppet to play too!


The perfect book to help every anxious little Worrysaurus let go of their fears and feel happy in the moment.



The story of Wales's most famous professional wrestler - the incomparable Orig Williams.

Mi Wnes I Weld Mamoth!

A hilariously funny story about embracing the unexpected! Welcome to the Antarctic, where an intrepid bunch of explorers is making an in-depth study of penguins... But one young explorer has discovered something different. Something totally wild, spectacularly cool and quite a lot ... EXTINCT. Will anyone believe it? Would YOU?!

Mira A'r Dant

Luned Aaron's first novel for 7-9 year olds. The story follows Mira - the older, conscientious and brainy sister - as she begins a new term at school. How will she cope in Year 3, without Non, her best friend? And when, when will her stubborn first tooth fall out?!

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