Trwbwl Dwbwl Dyddiadur Dripsyn 11

The eleventh laugh-out-loud, fully-illustrated Dyddiadur Dripsyn title from international bestselling author Jeff Kinney! A global phenomenon with 250 million copies of the series sold worldwide! The pressure's really piling up on Greg Heffley. His mum thinks video games are turning his brain to mush, and she wants her son to explore his 'creative side'!


This is the story of the shy young boy from Tredegar who became one of the most important British politicians of the 20th century. Learn about how he fought for fairness and kindness, and his legacy - the founding of the NHS. Aneurin 'Nye' Bevan's story is presented with simple, clear prose and beautiful, detailed illustrations - perfect to be read aloud or for early readers.

Arglwydd Y Fforest

For Little Tiger, everything he hears in the forest is exciting and new. But each time he tells his mother, she replies, 'When you don't hear them, my son, be ready. The Lord of the Forest is here!' Tiger is puzzled and asks his friends - strutting Peacock, blundering Rhino and trumpeting Elephant - to help him decide: Who is the Lord of the Forest? A Welsh adaptation.

Cynghanedd I Blant

A lively and colourful book that aims to teach the ancient art of composing poetry in strict metre to young poets.

Siani Pob Man

Hidden in Cardigan Bay, between New Quay and Aberaeron is the charming beach of Cei Bach. In a little cottage, an old lady sits smoking her pipe with clocks on her feet. She is the famous Siani Bob Man. A story about an unusual character, with striking illustrations by talented artist Valériane Leblond.


This is the first novel for this age by this prolific author. On his birthday, Marty receives a gift from his grandfather - a magical seed. Humorous and unusual, this story about making dreams come true will inspire and raise serious topics. Suitable for 9-12 year old readers.

Bwystfil A'r Betsan Sioe Fawr y Bwystfil

A Welsh adaptation by Elidir Jones of The Beast and the Bethany: Revenge of the Beast by Jack Meggitt-Phillips.

Sara Mai a Lleidr Y Neidr

Sara Mai is back! All kinds of interesting creatures live in the zoo run by her family, including a very rare snake. But who would want to steal a snake? A story for 7-11 year old readers by a past Welsh Children's Poet Laureate, Casia Wiliam, with 6 special illustrations by Gwen Millward.

Peldroed Penigamp

The second title in the Campau Campus series. Perhaps the best descriptiono of these titles is a kind of 'Horrible Histories' about football.

Cranogwen Bywyd Arloesol Sarah Enwogion o Fri

This is the story of the determined girl who found out that anything was possible, in a time when women had very few opportunities. From ship’s captain to prize-winning poet, Cranogwen’s life was full of variety and excitement.

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