Wild Maps
Wild Maps


Which nations have launched which animals into space?

Which countries have no sea views?

Where were our planet's now-extinct species last sighted?

Who is behind the great avocado boom?

Where can you hug the world's oldest trees?

With infographic maps covering the entire globe, Wild Maps will delight cartography fans and nature lovers, as well as anyone with an interest in all that is fascinating and awe-inspiring on Planet Earth (and beyond).

Beautifully designed and illustrated, Wild Maps is an eye-opening celebration of our world, and the plants and animals with whom we share it.

The Fish
The Fish


'There is a fish on the sand; I see it clearly. But it is not on its side, lying still. It is partly upright. It moves. I can see its gills, off the ground and wide open. It looks as though it's standing up.'

A few decades into the twenty-first century, in their permanently flooded garden in Cornwall, Cathy and her wife Ephie give up on their vegetable patch and plant a paddy field instead. Thousands of miles away, expat Margaret is struggling to adjust to life in Kuala Lumpur, now a coastal city. In New Zealand, two teenagers marvel at the extreme storms hitting their island.

But they are not the only ones adapting to the changing climate. The starfish on Cathy's kitchen window are just the start. As all manner of sea creatures begin to leave the oceans and invade the land, the new normal becomes increasingly hard to accept.

Making a Scene

From influential and iconic star Constance Wu, a powerful and poignant memoir-in-essays full of funny and intimate observations that will resonate with readers everywhere.

'Like her, the book is bold, emotional and unexpurgated; the story of an Asian American who always wanted to fit in, and ended up just wanting to be her true self.'Independent

'A startling insight into the reality of trials by social media and sexual exploitation in Hollywood... Most powerful is her #MeToo rallying cry, which will make your skin crawl and your blood boil.' Sunday Times

Growing up in the friendly suburbs of Richmond, Virginia, Constance Wu thought that girls were supposed to be reserved, graceful, and polite. Everyone around her praised ladylike behaviour while seeming to disapprove of the louder, rougher girls - the kind of girls who made scenes. And while she spent most of her childhood suppressing her bold, emotional nature, Constance found an early outlet in local community theatre. The stage was the one place where big feelings were okay - were good, even. As she continued to reconcile her personality with the expectations of daily life, acting became more than a hobby. It was her refuge, her touchstone, and eventually her vocation. She went to New York to study classical theatre and pursue an acting career while waiting tables, dating, despairing, and embracing city life. In 2015, she was cast in the ground-breaking TV sitcom Fresh Off the Boat, a touching, funny story about an Asian American family in the '90s. Another historic role followed when she starred in the smash hit film Crazy Rich Asians, which featured an entirely Asian cast. These two pivotal moments in Hollywood history opened up a new chapter for Constance, who continues to explore the complexities of Asian American representation.

Through raw, hilarious, and relatable stories, Constance fearlessly shares her experiences of growing up in suburban Virginia, scraping by as a struggling actress, falling in love again and again, confronting her identity and influence, and navigating the pressures and pleasures of existing in today's world.

Hwyl Smot Yn Yr Eira

Mae Smot yn chwarae yn yr eira - defnyddiwch y pyped i ymuno yn yr hwyl!


Dyma stori ysbrydoledig y bachgen swil o Dredegar a ddaeth yn un o wleidyddion pwysicaf Prydain. Dilynwn ei siwrne o'r pwll glo i Dŷ'r Cyffredin, ynghyd â sefydlu'r Gwasanaeth Iechyd Cenedlaethol (NHS). Cyflwynir y stori mewn iaith syml a chlir, gyda darluniau hyfryd. Perffaith i'w ddarllen gyda phlentyn, neu ar gyfer darllenwyr newydd.

Half-Life of Snails

Dwy chwaer, dwy atomfa niwclear, un plentyn wedi'i ddal yn y canol ... Pan fo Helen yn gadael ei mab ifanc Jack yng ngofal ei chwaer am ychydig ddyddiau er mwyn iddi hithau ymweld â Pharth Cau Allan Chernobyl, gŵyr y ddwy y bydd hwn yn gyfnod pryderus. Mae Helen yn wrthwynebus i gynlluniau i godi ail bwerdy ar arfodir Ynys Môn ar dir y fferm deuluol.

Cyfrinach Betsan Morgan

Stori ddirgel gyda thwist ffantasïol. Nid yw Betsan Morgan yn edrych ymlaen at dreulio wythnos gyda'r ysgol ym Mhlas yr Hydd. Mae ei ffrind gorau gartref yn sâl, a hithau'n gorfod mynd yno i ganol plant dieithr, i aros ar ei phen ei hun. Ond ar ôl cyrraedd y plas, mae Betsan yn darganfod ei bod yn gallu symud yn ôl i'r gorffennol a byw yn oes ei hen-hen-hen-nain.

Dros Y Mor A'r Mynyddoedd

Merched cryf a dewr yw'r prif gymeriadau yn chwedlau'r Celtiaid, ac mae pawb yn rhyfeddu atyn nhw! Dyma gasgliad o bymtheg o straeon o saith gwlad sy'n dangos hynny. Addaswyd y chwedlau i'r Gymraeg gan Angharad Tomos, Haf Llewelyn, Mari George, Aneirin Karadog, Myrddin ap Dafydd, Anni Llŷn a Branwen Williams.

Diary Of An Invasion

This journal of the invasion, a collection of Andrey Kurkov's writings and broadcasts from Kyiv, is a remarkable record of a brilliant writer at the forefront of a 21st-century war.

Andrey Kurkov has been a consistent satirical commentator on his adopted country of Ukraine. His most recent work, Grey Bees, is a dark foreshadowing of the devastation in the eastern part of Ukraine in which only two villagers remain in a village bombed to smithereens. The author has lived in Kyiv and in the remote countryside of Ukraine throughout the Russian invasion. He has also been able to fly to European capitals where he has been working to raise money for charities and to address crowded halls. Kurkov has been asked to write for every English newspaper, as also to be interviewed all over Europe. He has become an important voice for his people.

Kurkov sees every video and every posted message, and he spends the sleepless nights of continuous bombardment of his city delivering the truth about this invasion to the world.

Best of Friends

'A profound novel about friendship. I loved it to pieces' MADELINE MILLER

'A shining tour de force' ALI SMITH, Guardian Summer Reading


A dazzling new novel of friendship, identity and the unknowability of other people - from the international bestselling author of Home Fire, winner of the Women's Prize for Fiction

Sometimes it was as though the forty years of friendship between them was just a lesson in the unknowability of other people...

Maryam and Zahra.

In 1988 Karachi, two fourteen-year-old girls are a decade into their friendship, sharing in-jokes, secrets and a love for George Michael. As Pakistan's dictatorship falls and a woman comes to power, the world suddenly seems full of possibilities. Elated by the change in the air, they make a snap decision at a party. That night, everything goes wrong, and the two girls are powerless to change the outcome.

Zahra and Maryam.

In present-day London, two influential women remain bound together by loyalties, disloyalties, and the memory of that night, which echoes through the present in unexpected ways. Now both have power; and both have very different ideas of how to wield it... Their friendship has always felt unbreakable; can it be undone by one decision?

'A new Kamila Shamsie novel is always worth celebrating, but Best of Friends is something else: an epic story that explores the ties of childhood friendship, the possibility of escape, the way the political world intrudes into the personal, all through the lens of two sharply drawn protagonists' Observer, Books of the Year 2022


Dyma'r llyfr perffaith i helpu pob Poenisawrws bychan i ddod dros eu hofnau ac i fod yn hapus yn y foment.

Rock Legends At Rockfield

Yn cynnwys cyfweliadau gonest a doniol gydag artistiaid a recordiodd yn stiwdios enwog Rockfield yn sir Fynwy, mae Rock Legends at Rockfield yn datgelu straeon difyr am gefndir nifer o'r albyms a'r recordiau enwocaf erioed, yn cynnwys caneuon Oasis, Queen a Motörhead.

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